Sidump'r Columbus, NE

SIDUMP’R Trailers – Still Faster, Still Stronger and Still More Reliable!

Now located in Columbus, NE , Sidump’r Trailer has been a leader in the side dump industry since 2000. While the trailer industry is constantly evolving, and many changes have occurred in recent years, one thing has remained steadfast – the continued commitment to our Sidump’r Trailer customers that we will provide them with the workhorse of the side dump trailer industry.

We know that our customers need a tough and innovative trailer that won’t let them down in the field. We are committed to providing the best design and manufacturing processes available and will continue to equip our trailers with quality brand names that have been tried and true in the industry for years. It is our commitment to excellence that makes us proud to produce trailers that we call Sidump’r.

From the operator that owns one Sidump’r Trailer, to the corporation that runs a fleet of more than 30 Trailers, our promise remains the same – we will build a side dump trailer that is tough enough to continually perform under tough conditions. We aren’t just a highway trailer.


  1. What is the warranty of a Sidump’r Trailer?
    We offer a 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects on all of our trailers. Our cylinder manufacturer, Mailhot Industries, offers a 2 year warranty from date of service against any manufacturing defects on all of their cylinders. Please contact us directly for a copy of our full warranty.
  2. What are the wet kit requirements to pull a Sidump’r Trailer?
    Due to our single, 3-stage hydraulic cylinder, our wet kit requirements are unique and different from our competitors. So that you do not compromise your warranty, we ask that you please follow our specifications: Minimum of a 25 gallon tank, 42 gpm pump @ 1800 psi using 1” lines.  This will also enable you to achieve the optimum cycle time of 17 seconds.
  3. What colors do you offer?
    There are four standard colors from which you can mix and match to meet your specifications: Black, White, Gray, and New Cat Yellow. Please feel free to speak with us about available custom colors.
  4. Can I order my Sidump’r Trailer with air ride suspension?
    Due to the increased stability and smoother ride that an air ride suspension provides, all of our trailers come equipped with air ride suspension at no additional cost to you.
  5. Is there a dealer in my area?
    Sidump’r Trailer has a broad dealer network. Contact our office at 402-564-1400 to find the local dealer in your area or visit the Dealer page for a list of Sidump’r dealers.