SIDUMP'R Trailer Co., Columbus, NE USA

The SIdump'r Difference


Unique Cylinder System

Faster dump cycle designed to dump either side with wind rowing on the go or stationary.


Superior Tub Design

No center divider allows the versatility to haul a variety of materials and allows for an evenly distributed load.


Quality Construction

Engineered for stability, quality and safety, using the best raw materials and components from around the world.

Our Trailers

The backbone of every SIDUMP’R trailer we manufacture is its quality. Our side dump trailers are built from the finest materials and branded components that our customers trust and demand. Whether hauling dirt, boulders, or logs, you can trust the unique SIDUMP’R design and built-in durability to provide many years of reliable service.  Find out more about Our Trailers.

Tandem Axle

Tandem Axle

Model: SDR240-49 | SDR 240-73 | SDR 233-49 | SDR 237-49 | SDR 238-49

Triple Axle

Triple Axle

Model: SDR 342-49 | SDR 344-60 | SDR 348-67.5 | SDR 348-4986

Ag Trailer

Ag Trailer

Model: SDR 231-49 AG | SDR 235-49 AG

Specialty & Options

Specialty & Options

From Pups to Trains, Sidump’r has designed and engineering many specialty trailers to meet the industry’s needs. Contact us, we’ll lead the team that customizes the trailer that improves your operation.

Our Videos


I have been a longtime customer of SIDUMP'R dating back to 2003 and have always been impressed with the concept, speed and strength of the trailer. I like the improvements that have been made to the trailer, the hands on service they provide as well as their exceptional customer service. SIDUMP'R has one of the best trailers in the side dump market.

Don S.


The SIDUMP'R trailers have been great additions to my fleet of equipment. I have used several different brands in the past and the SIDUMP'R line has fit my needs the best. We haul sand, gravel, dirt, trees, demo and scrap, rip rap, and busted concrete, and for these applications the SIDUMP'R trailer has proven itself to be the best. With the recent modifications to the frame and tub design, I am convinced that these trailers will last longer than any other in the industry.

Jeff P.


We have found our operators assigned to Sidump'r Trailers don't want to miss work because they are then rotated back to our remaining end dumps. Our attendance rates have improved dramatically!



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